Working in Someone Else’s Office

Working in Someone Else’s Office By Chris Johnson Originally written for the NGWA toolkit Nothing technical today, but rather something social.  Specifically, how to interact correctly with your drilling contractor, at the job site.  While this is especially true for anyone new to construction, and especially to well drilling sites, it also applies to us

Wells get old too..

Wells get old too.. Originally written for the NGWA toolkit Many well owners incorrectly believe that wells begin their operational lives at 100 percent efficiency.  In actuality, most wells begin life at less than 15 percent efficiency.  It is through the process of well development, more correctly termed “well efficiency development” that the well efficiency

Things I have seen….

Things I have seen… Originally written for the NWGA toolkit In my last article, I discussed the tremendous value that down-hole video cameras have lent to water well engineering and rehabilitation.  As an industry, I believe we can bring even greater utility to video logging by engaging in language and procedures to enhance the utility