Drilling Fluid Plans

Proper drilling fluid plans are required to reduce the risk of early bit failure, excessive formation invasion, slow to poor borehole stability, and finally poor to inadequate sample recovery.  Aegis can prepare drilling fluid plans for air, mud or water-based drilling systems, based upon geologic and anticipated drilling conditions.  We will also work closely with

Drilling Plans

Aegis can prepare drilling plans based on data quality objectives, drilling completion goals, drilling conditions and economic plans.  Drilling plans will include discussions of drilling methodologies, sampling methodologies, and address anticipated drilling conditions.  The drilling plans will describe anticipated drilling conditions, and discuss bit, string and fluid combinations to address these concerns.  The plans will

Sampling Methodology Assessment

Aegis can provide assessments of sampling methodologies, and the preparation of sampling methodology plans as they relate to down-hole, borehole and test hole sampling systems.  Formation and formation water samples can be collected from a variety of drilled holes, depending on the drilling method and system. Sampling methods for formation sample collection, range from simple